The Aum Guitar

The Aum Guitar is around 90cm, (about a yard) long and is shaped on the thick end to mould around the player’s thigh.There are no frets and the body and fret,(less) board are made from one solid piece of wood, (Maple or Black Walnut). The instrument has a sensor zone hidden in the body which allows the player to vibrate the strings in a number of different modes by moving the E-bow up and down the strings while playing allowing octaves and sometimes fifths to be sounded with the same finger position. The higher harmonics are very pure sounding compared to the earthy fundamental tones. I call these modes the duduk mode, (lower octave) and shakuhachi mode, (higher octave). The guitar is much darker sounding than a conventional electric with a lower resonant peak giving it a slightly vocal quality, especially in the lower range.

Aum Guitars, right or feft handed and Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry finishes: €1799 plus shipping.

Terms are 50% upfront and 50% on completion. Please use the contact for to discuss options.