The Vibraslide System with active slide and lead


Nominated for Sound on Sound magazine Guitar Product of the Year category 2022!

The Vibraslide is a sustaining system originally desingned for lap steel players with the use of an 'active slide'. We're working on a range of accessories to broaden the flexibility of the system starting with the 'Infusor". This device allows the user to insert another sound into the body of the guitar. The result is a cross breeding of the inserted sound, (from a recording, a phone synthesiser etc) and the strigns. Inserting filtered white noise for instance makes all the strings vibrate resulting in polyphonic sustain. The volume is quite low but it makes for a wonderful organic sustain perfect for ambient pads.

The latest review of the Vibraslide system from American Songwriter: “The Vibraslide is a very exciting development in guitar accessories and the first in a long line of products trying to improve on the EBow that not only actually works but jolts the category forward two or three steps.”

Read the review in SOS magazine: “The Vibraslide is a genuinely unique — and, it has to be said, impressive — take on the guitar sustainer concept.”