The Chaos Guitar

The Chaos Guitar is an 8 string Lap steel with dual piezo elements, (one is magnetic), and an E-bow sensor as well as a standard magnetic humbucking pickup.It features a passive mixer and and active section that allows the user to sustain notes using an inbuilt feedback system, (actually 2 of them).  One of these systems is built into a slide, (see Vibraslide page) and plugs physically into the guitar when not being held thereby transferring the vibrations back into the body of the instrument.  Furthermore, it is possible to insert an effect into the input of the sustain system to process the feedback signal. This can either be added to the original signal or remain independent of it via a switch. Each of the sound producing elements has a direct output for individual processing if desired. 

All Chaos guitars are now shipped with a violin bow and rosin and a set of 8 ‘JI’, (individual string bridges) The latter allows the player to experiment with Koto-like effects.

Chaos Guitars, right or feft handed and Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry finishes: €1799 plus shipping.

Terms are 50% upfront and 50% on completion. Please use the contact for to discuss options.